They are all fire and every one doth shine: The Elly Nordskog Collection


The first of two unique catalogues of Japanese art to complete Sydney L. Moss's 2010 First Centenary celebrations this book features Elinor Nordskog's collection of inrõ ensembles, pipecases and netsuke, a selection formed over four decades, starting in the 1960's, and using exacting criteria and exquisite taste. Every object is beautifully illustrated and in life-size, and almost every ensemble of inrõ, netsuke and ojime is photographed both as a composite creative whole on its cord, and also with seperate reproductions of both sides of the inrõ alone.


In the collection is found a fairly large inrõ of a maple leaf and seedlings, with a total of eight ants seeking the maple's sugar content, by the great painter and lacquer artist Shibata Zeshin (1807–1891) of the late Edo and early Meiji period. Only a very few comparable works by Zeshin are known; one of them is the mulberry leaf and silkworms inrõ in the Victoria and Albert Museum.


See also "One hundred years of beatitude: A Centenary Exhibition of Japanese Art", published June 2011.

  • By Paul Moss and Max Rutherston

    444 pages, 293 x 218 mm

    Jacketed hardback, more than 400 illustrations

    ISBN: 9780955259326

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