Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On: Japanese Netsuke from Willi G. Bosshard Coll.


A selection of the finest works from the well-known Willi G. Bosshard collection, the one hundred netsuke are extraordinarily strong in Kyoto school animals, particularly rats and tigers, of which there must surely be enough masterpieces for anyone at all interested. Works by Masanao, Tomotada, Okatomo and virtually every worthwhile follower form a richly varied, comprehensive overview of the period from the mid to late 18th century and of the repertoire of subjects. Of these, Okatori's plump feline is one of the more original Kyoto tiger conceptions, while Gechu represents Osaka in this early period with a rare star in the form of a tiger and cub. Other animals abound, both naturalistic and mythical, and a fair few special figural works are included too. The Dutchmen are individual and well chosen, and there is a rare expressive masterpiece in the bug-eyed Tartar of Mongol archer with a monkey on his shoulder.

  • Sydney L. Moss Ltd., London

    208 pages, jacketed hardback

    291 x 217 mm, 270 colour illustrations

    ISBN: 978-0-9552593-1-9

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