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Spanish Paintings from the 14th to 16th Centuries


This publication is the result of a collaboration between Sam Fogg and Galerie Caylus, both specialised in the field of Spanish Medieval and Renaissance painting, and Dr. Alberto Velasco Gonzàlez, professor at the

University of Leida and an authority on the art of the Spanish Middle Ages.


At a moment when the study of Spanish Medieval art is finally coming into vogue, and its comparative neglect in relation to the art of the Italian and Northern Renaissances is being critically reassessed, this new study sheds light on a group of twenty fascinating (and in many cases previously unpublished) paintings from private collections that were made across the Spanish kingdoms during a period spanning some two centuries, and which together tell the story of the region’s incredible creative flowering during the period. In an extended

introductory essay and each of the subsequent case studies, Velasco explores the imagery, function, and significance of these paintings and places them within the broader cultural and historical context in which they were created. It is hoped that this publication and the accompanying two-part exhibition, which runs at

Sam Fogg’s London gallery from 1st December to 7th February 2020 and then at Caylus in Madrid in the Spring, helps fuel the interest for these remarkable paintings, and brings their equally remarkable stories to a wider audience.

  • Alberto Velasco González

    JANUARY 2020

    ISBN: 978-84-09-15813-3

    Paperback, 29.8 x 23.7 cm

    272 pages, over 100 illus.

    Published by Sam Fogg and Galerie Caylus

    Distributed by Paul Holberton Publishing

  • Exhibition

    Sam Fogg, London

    1 December 2019 – 7 February 2020

    Galerie Caylus, Madrid

    1 April – 15 June 2020