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Renaissance Silver from the Schroder Collection

Renaissance Silver from the Schroder Collection


The Schroder Collection of Renaissance Silver is among the most important to remain in private hands. Formed between about 1870 and 1930 over two generations of the Anglo-German banking family, it includes outstanding historic objects from England, Germany, Italy and elsewhere. Some of these formally belonged to princely collections such as the royal house of Hanover, the renowned Green Vault from Dresden or the Hollenzohen family. Others came from famous  church treasuries, dispersed at the time of the French Revolution or  the early 19th-century secularisation in Germany.

Intended as works of art rather than practical objects, many incrporate rare or exotic materials. Polished nautilus shells from the Pacific, early Chinese porcelain or skilfully carved rock-crystal were all regarded as desirable materials for mounting into precious cups or vases. They also reflect, through their complex designs and dense programmes of ornament, the intellectual preoccupations of the  16th-century mind.The effect of this ensemble is to give a rare sense of the diversity and virtuosity of the Renaissance goldsmith and a hint of the world of the Renaissance treasury which today only survives in such places as Dresden, Munich and Vienna.

  • Edited by Timothy Schroder

    280 x 240 mm, paperback
    176 pages, 75 illustrations in colour
    ISBN: 978 0 900785 96 2

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