Paolo Veneziano: The Art of Painting in 14th-Century Venice

Paolo Veneziano: The Art of Painting in 14th-Century Venice


The foremost Venetian painter of the fourteenth century, Paolo Veneziano (act. 1333–58) is regarded as the founder of the Venetian school of painting. In reuniting for the first time the dispersed components of two of his rare surviving altarpieces and presenting them alongside contemporaneous objects, this book and the exhibition it accompanies – at the J. Paul Getty Museum and the Frick Collection – will demonstrate how his innovative and visually rich work engaged with fourteenth-century advances in manuscript illumination, ivory carving, textile production, and metalwork.


Paolo Veneziano (act. 1333–58) practiced his art within a culture enriched by Venice’s maritime economy, with materials and techniques coming to his native city from Byzantium, Africa, Persia, and Asia. His workshop received prestigious commissions in Venice and beyond, many of them for elaborate altarpieces composed of painted panels within intricately carved gilt-wood frames.


This publication, and the exhibition it accompanies, reunites, for the fi rst time, the dispersed components of two of the rare surviving altarpieces and presents them alongside contemporaneous objects in various media to demonstrate how the innovative and visually rich work of Paolo Veneziano engaged with fourteenth-century advances in manuscript illumination, ivory carving, textile production, and metalwork. This book is published by The Frick Collection in association with Paul Holberton Publishing.

  • Laura Llewellyn and John Witty

    July 2021

    Hardback, 267 x 241 mm

    168 pages, 60 illustrations

    ISBN: 978-1-911300-95-3

  • Exhibition Details

    J. Paul Getty Museum

    Los Angeles

    13 July – 3 October 2021


    The Frick Collection

    New York City

    2 November 2021 – 30 January 2022

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