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Of Earth and Heaven: Art from the Middle Ages

Of Earth and Heaven: Art from the Middle Ages


This publication brings together 27 objects that were made in Europe during the Middle Ages, between the 11th and the early 16th centuries. They represent some of the finest examples of sculpture, metalwork, painting, drawing, and stained glass still in private hands, and together offer a startling insight into the period’s rich artistic achievements.

  • Matthew Reeves

    Of Earth and Heaven: Art from the Middle Ages


    February 2018

    ISBN: 978-0-9553393-9-4

    Paperback , 27 x 23 cm, 128 pages 

  • Exhibition

    Luhring Augustine, NYC

    27 January – 30 March 2018

  • In the press

    "A refreshing deviation from standard gallery fare, [Of Earth and Heaven] features European works from the twelfth through the sixteenth century—gory and ornate renderings of Biblical themes, with all the visual hyperbole and perspectival weirdness one could hope for." —New Yorker


    "An impressive group of 12th- to 16th-century European art from private collections." —Art Newspaper 


    "Visually stunning ... its intimate photography will inspire and delight any person with an interest in beautiful sculptures, paintings, precious goldsmith's work and stained glass" —Peregrinations: Journal of Medieval Art and Architecture 

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