Odd Men Out: Unique Works of Art by Individualist Japanese Artists


This book explores the surprising heights of the idiosyncratic lone Japanese artist, the odd man out, experimenting his way through the fine arts and laying his own pathway forwards as he did. It is intended as a joyous celebration of his genius. Old Japan was a culture of incredibly diverse artistic directions, and fabulously entertaining and creative individuals. In many cases their personal lives were as disordered and as wild and woolly as any Left Bank Impressionist or Soho Bohemian loft addict, and as often their art was better.


Dating from the late 17th to the early 20th century, 69 special and individual works of painting, sculpture, ceramic, lacquer, fancy metalwork and a striking selection of pipecases and their sagemono, inro and netsuke in various materials, are catalogued with beautiful photography and detailed descriptions.

  • Paul Moss

    192 Pages, jacketed hardback

    291 x 217 mm, 130 colour illustrations

    ISBN: 978-962-7502-40-1

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