Meetings With Remarkable Netsuke: 108 Masterpieces from Private Collections


Meetings With Remarkable Netsuke is the third in a trilogy of netsuke publications, aimed to nudge levels of appreciation to deeper, more thoughtful planes. It is the successor, rounding off with a triumphant flourish of works of consistently superlative quality, to Japanese Netsuke: Serious Art and Zodiac Beasts and Distant Cousins.


The catalogue focuses around a few clusters of the varied works of pivotal artists: Masanao of Kyoto, Hasgawa Ikko, Toyomasa, Kaigyokusai Masatsugu and Sosui, with only slightly less equipped in-depth surveys of the works of Tomotada, Minko, Tomokazu, Otoma, Gambun, Kokusai and Tokoku. Each of these groups is a selection, rich in variety, from the output range of some of the finest and most intriguing of old netsukeshi, which would even in isolation be considered unusually thorough and worthwhile.

  • Paul Moss

    224 pages, jacketed hardback

    293 x 218 mm, 318 colour illustrations

    ISBN: 978 962 7502 18 0

  • Distributed for Sydney L. Moss Ltd., London

    Specialists in Chinese and Japanese Art

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