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Late Medieval Panel Paintings: Vol. I

Late Medieval Panel Paintings: Vol. I


This book is an exemplary investigation of a series of, so far, poorly documented works that will prove of great interest to those in the field. Most of the 15th- or early 16th-century panel paintings presented here are northern European, a large number German, which have been neglected in English language studies. They are all almost unknown, and certainly none of them have been subjected to modern techniques of investigation – infrared, x-ray, micro-photography – until now.


What makes these works of importance is their fine quality, which is reflected in some of the most spectacular examples such as the beautiful 15th century Dormition of the Virgin by the Master of the Vienna Marienaltar and The Holy Trinity (Seat of Mercy) with saints and donor by Peter Hemmel and his circle from 1479.

  • By Susie Nash

    298 pages, paperback

    245 x 300 mm, 440 colour illus.
    ISBN: 978 0 955339 34 9

  • Exhibition

    The book accompanied an exhibition held in New York by Sam Fogg, which was the first solely dedicated to medieval paintings in recent years, and the first ever held by Sam Fogg.

  • In the press

    "The power and the charm of this bonanza of obscure fifteenth-century religious oil paintings, mostly German, astound ... exuberant, gorgeous."
    New Yorker 

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