Kerry Brewer: Where No Bird Can Fly or Fish Can Swim


This is an exploration into the work and practices British artist Kerry Brewer has been developing over seven years. Dark and sumptuous, these large-scale, heavily glazed canvases respond constantly to changes in light and the movements of the viewer. The book is a journey through these paintings, revealing ‘stills’ from the works up close and almost as if frame by frame. In these works, Brewer combines theories on the growing scientific studies of perception with buried narratives of disquieting under-painting. Neither figurative nor abstract, the effect is disorientating and consuming. The book brings together and explores a selection of nine of these works and presents them for the first time in print.

  • In association with Sam Fogg

    80 pages, paperback

    240 x 240 mm, 51 colour illustrations
    ISBN: 978 0 955339 3 25

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