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IRTH ثرإ  Unveiling the Narratives of Architectural Materiality

IRTH ثرإ Unveiling the Narratives of Architectural Materiality


This catalogue invites readers to dive deeper into the captivating dialogue between materiality and imagination, as envisioned by IRTH ثرإ  at the 18th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia.


Prepared for the Biennale Architettura 2023, for which the theme was ‘The Laboratory of the Future’, the catalogue of IRTH ثرإ immerses visitors into the profound interplay between material and immaterial. It chronicles the National Pavilion of Saudi Arabia’s multi-faceted contribution to the discussion, in which the essence of earth as a material becomes a canvas for envisioning tomorrow’s architectural legacies.


In a curatorial journey told through essays from visionary architects, researchers and experimental material alchemists, the catalogue represents the multiple viewpoints and projects emerging from Saudi Arabia and its wider region.  It delves into vernacular Saudi architecture, which, meticulously deconstructed and reimagined, forms the key point of reference for this journey.


As we navigate the universal challenges of belonging and legacy, this exhibition transcends geographical boundaries, seeking common ground in the tapestry of diverse identities and perspectives. Through the lens of materiality, the National Pavilion of Saudi Arabia compels us to answer collectively the problems of tomorrow, one narrative at a time.


Notable topics: The Exploration of Immateriality in Architecture; Examining Experimental Materials for Future-proofed Built Environments; Understanding Vernacular Architecture and Modernization in Saudi Arabia.

  • Distributed by Paul Holberton Publishing

    Hardback, 310 x 250 mm

    336 pp., over 200 illustrations

    ISBN: 978-1-913645-63-2

  • About the Authors

    Edited by the curatorial team of the National Pavilion of Saudi Arabia at La Biennale di Venezia

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