In Scholars' Taste: Documentary Chinese Works of Art

In Scholars' Taste: Documentary Chinese Works of Art


The purpose of this catalogue is twofold: to bring to the notice of the Western collecting public a random selection of what constitutes a true Chinese connoisseurship in real Chinese art; and to give notice to that same shy public of the  directions being taken and interests indulged at the Sydney L. Moss gallery. Apart from painting and calligraphy, included are bamboo carving, I-hsing wares, wood, ivory, bone, rhinoceros horn, jade, soapstone and hardstone carving, textile, lacquer and metal-work, several examples of the seal-carvers' art and a very few ceramic items.


Also in this series, The Literati Mode and Emperor Scholar Artisan Monk

  • Sydney L. Moss Ltd., London

    248 pages, paperback

    283 x 207 mm, 162 colour illustrations
    ISBN: No isbn

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