Il disegno veneziano 1580-1650 (Drawing in Venice 1580–1650)

Il disegno veneziano 1580-1650 (Drawing in Venice 1580–1650)


Published by Leo S. Olschki Editore (Florence)​​​​​​​


This is the very first book to tackle the subject of drawing in Venice in the later sixteenth century comprehensively and in depth, covering the huge number of surviving drawings by a great number of artists, considering also their function and their patronage.


Although Venetian art of the late sixteenth century and early seventeenth century has been the subject of scholarly study for nearly a century, it is comparatively little explored, and a great deal of the foundational work needed has remained undone. This books sets out to fill in the gaps and flesh out the outlines of our knowledge of this period, introducing a great number of artists whose drawings may be very little known, and discussing their patrons, the market for their drawings, and the collectors of this kind of material. It is therefore a volume that will be fundamental for dealers, libraries, curators and enthusiasts for drawings. Some 36 major artists or studios are catalogued in this volume, including Antonio Vassilacchi (l’Aliense), the Caliari (Veronese) workshop, Odoardo Fialetti, Francesco Maffei, the Maganza, Pietro Malombra, Alessandro Varotari (il Padovanino), Palma il Giovane, Paolo Fiammingo, Carlo Ridolfi and Andrea Vicentino.

  • Bert W. Meijer

    March 2018 (first published 2017, Italy)

    In Italian
    Published by Leo S. Olschki
    Distributed by Ad Ilissum

    ISBN: 978-88-222-6503-6

    Hardback, 315 x 240 mm, 604 pages
    750 illustrations, 42 colour

  • About Leo S. Olschki Editore

    About Leo S. Olschki Editore

    Leo S. Olschki Editore (Florence) is one of Italy's oldest and most respected publishers of critical works in the humanities.


    About the author

    Bert W. Meijer was formerly Professor Emeritus at the University of Utrecht and is Director of the Dutch University Institute for Art History, Florence. 

  • In the press

    "Extremely valuable in bringing together an enormous amount of information and in juxtaposing images of drawings and potentially related paintings thus acting as a stimulus for further discoveries and interpretations. It stands as a monumental testament to Meijer's achievement as a drawing scholar and historian of Venetian art." –The  Burlington 

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