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Harold Gilman + William Ratcliffe

Harold Gilman + William Ratcliffe


"A clean and solid mosaic of thick paint in a light key" was a phrase aptly used by the leader of the Camden Town Group of artists, Walter Sickert, to describe the painting of this Edwardian group, who depicted their tea-and-cake world in a comparatively timid, but subtle and charming, Post-Impressionist style.


This book describes the work of Harold Gilman, probably the most talented of them, and his close friend and protégé the much less well-known William Ratcliffe.

  • By Tim Craven

    32 pages, paperback

    242 x 168 mm, 25 colour illustrations

    ISBN: 978 1 903470 03 9

  • About the author

    Tim Craven, is Collections Manager at Southampton City Art Gallery.

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