Festivals and Ceremonies Observed by the Royal Family of Kotah


Under the patronage and with the participation of the ruler, festivals and ceremonies used to be lavishly celebrated in the former princely states of Rajasthan. Nowadays only a few Maharajas and Maharais take interest in rituals and can afford the time and expense. The royal family of Kotah, headed by H.H. Maharao Brijraj Singh, is an exception.


This unique book is a compilation of the rituals and ceremonies observed by the royal family of Kotah. It is intended to benefit not only future generations of the Kotah family, but also those wanting to catch a glimpse behind the scenes otherwise hidden from the observer.

  • By Horst Metzger and Maharao Brijrai Singh of Kota

    43 pages, hardback

    210 x 230 mm, 167 colour illustrations

    ISBN: 978 3 907070 98 7

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