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Ethiopian Art

Ethiopian Art


Ethiopia has often attracted attention because of its unique position as an ancient Christian culture far into Africa. Many people have been fascinated by the brilliant colours and childlike directness of recent traditional Ethiopian art. Little attention, however, has been given to the great periods that this culture has witnessed in the past. The 15th century saw a magnificent flowering of painting in the highlands of central and northern Ethiopia. The results can be seen in paintings on wooden panels and, above all, in manuscripts.


Many of the works of art dating from this time were destroyed during the Muslim invasions of the 1530s. However, in the 17th century a renewed flowering took place. which drew on the earliest traditions. Inspiration was taken from engravings imported from Europe, and from Christian communities in the East.


In association with Sam Fogg.

  • Sam Fogg

    96 pages, paperback

    300 x 240 mm, 110 colour illustrations
    ISBN: 978 0 953942 21 3

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