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Art in the Age of Terrorism

Art in the Age of Terrorism


Art in the Age of Terrorism tackles one of the most difficult topics imaginable - a war that is quintessentially postmodern in its decentred identity, globalized character and confused conflict of cultures. In this book both artists and arts theorists explore in a series of essays the various ways in which art can help articulate the zone of grey that lies behind the black and white term 'terrorism'.


The images and texts in this volume also tackle a growing awareness that the ill-defined 'war on terror' which has followed in the wake of 11 September 2001 is accompanied by a politics of fear. One of the subthemes of this book isthe impact of this atmosphere on the plight of asylum seekers. The politics of fear threaten the freedom of expression which is so important to art in a democratic society.


Silence is one of the principal signs of oppression, and against it this book offers an international plurality of voices, from New York, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Lebanon, Israel and elsewhere, many of them profoundly moving and poignant, others humorous as well as sensitive.

  • By Graham Coulter-Smith and Maurice Owen

    256 pages, paperback

    255 x 210 mm, 200 colour illustrations
    ISBN: 978 1 903470 41 1

  • About the authors

    Graham Coulter-Smith is the author of The Postmodern Art of Imants Tillers (2002). Maurice Owen is an artist and professor at Southampton Solent University.

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