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Andrea Sacchi and Cardinal del Monte

Andrea Sacchi and Cardinal del Monte


The Rediscovered Frescoes in the Palazzo di Ripetta in Rome



This fascinating and beautifully illustrated book presents for the first time the rediscovered frescoes painted by Andrea Sacchi (1599–1661) for the loggia of Cardinal del Monte’s Roman palace near via di Ripetta, Rome.


Considered lost by generations of scholars, Andrea Sacchi’s fresco cycle has survived in a private apartment in Rome. Largely unpublished and rarely mentioned in recent literature, the frescoes underwent a revelatory restoration in 2010–11. For the past three years, the author was granted exclusive access to study them thoroughly – resulting in this monograph.


Accompanied by beautiful and full photographic documentation, this study aims to compare the painted images with the detailed description given by the biographer Giovan Pietro Bellori; to shed light on the iconography and style, above all with respect to the sources used; and to integrate this key commission within Sacchi’s early career. The cycle’s iconography is explored with careful verification of early sources that now allows us to resolve some particularly complex problems of

interpretation – above all those relating to alchemy. Cardinal del Monte’s Palazzo di Ripetta housed a fully equipped pharmacological laboratory. Research on this cycle of frescoes has also made it possible to discover new archival evidence regarding Sacchi’s date and place of birth.

  • Giovan Battista Fidanza

    Published by Ad Ilissvm

    April 2022

    Paperback, 260 x 215 mm

    132 pages, 90 colour illus.

    ISBN: 978-1-912168-31-6

  • About the author

    Giovan Battista Fidanza is Professor of Early Modern Art History at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”.

  • In the press

    "Fidanza’s book is well researched and engaging, and, as an added bonus, it is beautifully illustrated." —The Court Historian

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