A Portuguese Abbot in Renaissance Florence

A Portuguese Abbot in Renaissance Florence


Published by Leo S. Olschki Editore (Florence)​​​​​​​


Some 550 letters ranging over a wide field of topics and linking several countries of Europe, surviving in the Florentine archives, are here published in full and annotated for the first time.


This book is an annotated edition of the letters of Gomes Eanes, a Portuguese who lived for three decades in Italy and was head of the Badia Fiorentina (Monastery of Santa Maria of Florence) between 1419 and 1439. It includes a transcription of 550 missives that he received, of which the originals are currently kept in two Florentine archives (Biblioteca Laurenziana, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale). The text provides a detailed record of the abbot’s activities and of his constant communication with men and women living in Italy, Portugal, and other parts of Europe, revealing a multilingual cultural world and a wide field of human relations. As well as an introductory study of the abbot and his career, the history of the letter collection within the intellectual and institutional context of the Benedictine abbey, and of letterwriting as a cultural practice in Portuguese and Italian societies, are considered. A general index of the letters closes the volume.

  • Edited by Rita Costa-Gomes

    A Portuguese Abbot in Renaissance Florence: The Letter Collection of Gomes Eanes (1415-1463) 


    March 2018 (first published 2017, Italy)
    Published by Leo S. Olschki
    Distributed by Ad Ilissum

    ISBN: 978 88 222 6516 6

    Paperback, 170 x 240 mm, 598 pages

  • About the author

    Rita Costa Gomes is Professor of History at Towson University (USA), where she teaches Medieval and Renaissance history. A historian of medieval Portugal with strong interests in Iberian and Mediterranean history, she published in book form the first complete study of the royal court of Portugal (Portuguese version 1995, English version 2003), two volumes on the history of the Portuguese frontiers, and a biography of King Fernando I (r. 1367-1383). She collaborates in the project for the English edition of the works of the historian Fernão Lopes (c. 1380-c.1460). 

  • About Leo S. Olschki Editore

    Leo S. Olschki Editore (Florence) is one of Italy's oldest and most respected publishers of critical works in the humanities.

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